Remaking Law Firms: Why & How

March 3, 2016
Now available in hard and soft copy from American Bar Association Publishing
ISBN 978-1-63425-396-3

authored by
Dr George Beaton and Dr Imme Kaschner

Why you should read and recommend Remaking Law Firms

  • First deep analysis and set of solutions to the challenges facing BigLaw firms
  • Based on the researched conclusion that no law firm can assume its place and prosperity are assured
  • Written to help law firms continue to be relevant to their clients and financially rewarding for their partners
  • Explains why most firms are not well equipped to know what to do or how to ‘remake’ their business models
  • Draws on 40 interviews with clients, innovative law firm leaders, successful pioneers, leading academics
  • Takes the reader on a journey from the origins of today’s firms into a future ‘kaleidoscope’
  • In this future the ways clients meet their needs and the rules for success of firms are very different
  • The winners in the kaleidoscope will be those firms that are starting now to prepare in earnest.


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