AI and the Legal Renaissance

AI and the Legal Renaissance is another very helpful post by Richard Tromans.  

When AI first reached the ears of the legal market some years ago there was a flurry of stories about the end of lawyers. For years afterward and with Pavlov dogs-like automation any mention of legal AI summoned up the panicked refrain: ‘The end of lawyers is coming, the end of lawyers is coming!’

This was until law firms and corporates actually started to make use of legal AI systems, especially in the last two years and even more so last year. The clichéd refrain, now exposed to the cleansing light of real experience, seemed to die away upon contact.

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Legal Market Embraces AI: Now Moving Beyond the Early Adopter Phase

The Legal Market Embraces AI: Now Moving Beyond the Early Adopter Phase is the second post on The Dialogue from London-based Richard Tromans, publisher of Artificial Lawyer. As Richard points out data of this kind rapidly dates, such is the pace of change. Nevertheless, for many (most?) readers, this is hot news.

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AI and the New Business Model

Richard Tromans is the founder and principal of London-based TromansConsulting, serving law firms with strategic input through strategic intelligence, thought leadership reports and evidence-based strategic insights.

Yesterday Richard posted ‘AI and the New Business Model’ on LinkedIn. Read his post to understand why Richard believes an ‘AI whirlwind (is) hitting the current world of paralegals and junior associates‘. In my view, this ‘whirlwind’ will also hit increasingly senior lawyers in the future; it’s case of classic Christensen disruptive innovation.

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