Law firm ownership: An evidence-based approach

Law firm ownership: An evidence-based approach was posted by Ron Friedmann on his blog on September 04, 2017. coming from the land of the world’s first stock exchange-listed law firm, I cannot but say Ron’s rebuttal of Bruce MacEwan (aka Adam Smith Esq.) is a must read and mull over.  

All in and observers of the BigLaw ecosystem need to have a view. Ownership and its consequences is a very important issue in maintaining the capacity of firms to deliver high and sustainable value to clients. In my opinion, the woes of Slater & Gordon not withstanding, ownership is already the major issue of our times.    

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Law Firm Profitability + Service Delivery: What the Altman Weil Survey Says

In today’s post, Law Firm Profitability + Service Delivery Ron Friedmann analyses data from the recent Altman Weil Survey in the US to show just how internally-focused BigLaw firms can be. Ron’s message is telling: The raison d’être for any professional services firm is service to clients. Its profitability is a function of the extent a firm does this successfully and sustainably.

Law firm management needs to think more about their clients. Right now, they expend more energy on boosting profitability with inward measures than they do on client service. That cannot be sustainable. 

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Large law firms must improve client service delivery

Today, regular contributor Ron Friedmann, provides readers with a glass half-full tour de force on why Large Law Firms Must Improve Client Service Delivery. Ron examines the critical importance for clients and firms of differentiating one large law firm from another. 

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Gaining the benefits of legal AI for in-house counsel

Today we are posting Ron Friedmann’s piece, ‘Gaining the Benefits of Legal AI for In-House Counsel’. As always, Ron has a clear message: Identify the problem/need you are seeking to solve/address before choosing the solution. It’s Einstein: ‘If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.’ Read on.

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Top 10 Reasons Law Firms Resist Innovation

Top 10 Reasons Law Firms Resist Innovation was first published by Ron Friedmann in his blog PRISM, more than 10 years ago. Re-reading it prompted me to ask ‘What’s changed?‘ A good deal is one answer that true of some BigLaw firms? I know not what proportion of all firms these represent, but it’s likely to be less than 10%. What do other readers observe? And what conclusions should we draw? I look forward the dialogue. And, as always, thank Ron for his generosity in sharing and his perspicacity.    

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