Reputation trumps price say most GCs

Earlier this year Validatum published a blog entitled ‘We’re more expensive than them because we are better than them’.

The blog began with my observation that although there are clearly exceptions, it is well understood by most law firm marketing and BD specialists, if not so much by partners, that for the most part, technical ability is not a differentiator in the eyes of clients. And even if it is a differentiator in a specific situation, claims of superiority tend to be viewed by clients as little more than hyperbole and lacking any kind of proof.

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Brian Inkster comprehensively reviews Remaking Law Firms

Scottish NewLaw pioneer, Brian Inkster comprehensively reviews Remaking Law Firms – Why & How in his first post on The Dialogue. I am always delighted when a thorough review throws up challenges to our book, providing cause for fresh thinking – and perhaps pointing to a second edition.

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Goodbye guild: Law’s changing culture

Mark Cohen’s column in Forbes, Goodbye guild: Law’s changing culture, struck a deep chord with this sentence: “Law is not about lawyers anymore”.

Rhetorically, one might ask, was law ever about lawyers? Like the other ‘original’ professions of medicine, priesthood and military service, law and lawyers – as I understand it – arose to further the interests of civil society and protect the rights of fellow human beings.

Which is what makes Mark’s commentary about law’s changing culture so important.

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Ingredients of enduring BigLaw firms

Ingredients of enduring BigLaw firms is a rejoinder to George Beaton’s recent post, Why BigLaw firms fail. My post explores how the ingredients of enduring law firms work inter-dependently to assure the sustainable success of firms that execute these basics consistently.

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A strange finding on the use of NewLaw providers by BigLaw firms

A strange finding on the use of NewLaw providers by BigLaw firms focuses a seeming omission in the 2016 Alternative Legal Service (ALS) Study by the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute, Georgetown University’s Law Center for the Study of the Legal Profession and Oxford’s Saïd Business School.

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Why BigLaw firms fail

‘Why BigLaw firms fail’ aims to help prevent future failure of more firms.

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