Bake bread and be a better Lawyer

In Bake bread and be a better lawyer, Ken Grady explains why you can have great bread and a more efficient law practice. It’s an intriguing metaphor and the first in a series Ken is working on. Enjoy. 

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Legal markets and marketing: 10 Trends to watch and watch out for in 2018

The year 2008 marked a global financial crisis that was considered the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s. It also marked the end of the traditional law firm’s 20-year bull run.

Now, a decade later, 2018 will be a make-or-break year for many firms. Some will fail while others will fracture. Some are scrambling to save themselves while others remain mired in inertia. Firms wanting to be vital and solvent are overhauling how they do business. Smart firms have already retooled.

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The accountants re-enter legal. Meh!

There are countless articles on the threat of the Big 4 re-entering the legal market. Yes, they’re cashed-up, capable and well-connected, but I don’t think it will be as smooth a road for them as many are predicting. A deeper analysis suggests there are six factors that will limit their growth.

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Deloitte shows its legal services hand

Those who watch the Big Four and BigLaw and place bets on possible future scenarios will be interested in the news that Deloitte is to become the final member of the Big Four to use an ABS structure in the UK to further its (domestic and global) ambitions.

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Best wishes to The Dialogue community

Thank you all for an exhiliarating 2017.

Your contributions as authors, commentators and readers make The Dialogue on Remaking Law Firms
a special place for minds to meet.

We will return in the second week of January next year.


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Economic status of the BigLaw business model

Just released, Citibank’s findings on the economic status of the BigLaw business model make insightful – and to futurists like me, pleasingly confirmatory – reading. Gretta Rusanow of the Law Firm Group in Citi Private Bank and her team have produced an outstanding analysis of the economic facts of BigLaw life and the probable future. 

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