Ingredients of enduring BigLaw firms

Ingredients of enduring BigLaw firms is a rejoinder to George Beaton’s recent post, Why BigLaw firms fail. My post explores how the ingredients of enduring law firms work inter-dependently to assure the sustainable success of firms that execute these basics consistently.

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A strange finding on the use of NewLaw providers by BigLaw firms

A strange finding on the use of NewLaw providers by BigLaw firms focuses a seeming omission in the 2016 Alternative Legal Service (ALS) Study by the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute, Georgetown University’s Law Center for the Study of the Legal Profession and Oxford’s Saïd Business School.

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The {Law} Firm of the Future

We welcome Katherine Thomas to The Dialogue with her post ‘The {Law} Firm of the Future’.

If you haven’t read Bain & Company’s report ‘The Firm of the Future’ report, you should, writes Katherine. Bain’s report is a must-read for anyone looking to understand how the commercial world is changing. It’s a vital read for legal service providers (LSPs), working within a sector that is at the same time established, mature and immature, depending on the approach and services offered. 

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Classic: Four lessons in the art of motivating change

Four lessons in the art of motivating change: Lawyers, pigeons and the change journey is by Stephen Poor, now Chairman Emeritus of Seyfarth Shaw. If change management in BigLaw was topical in a few years ago when Stephen wrote this, it’s even more important and pressing now.

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PwC launching ILC Legal in US

Today in Am Law Daily, Chris Johnson (1) broke the story of PwC launching ILC Legal, a fully fledged law firm, in the US.

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A professional services value chain

Michael Porter’s famous value chain did NOT have me at hello. I’ve never found it a particularly valuable tool in crafting professional service firm strategy. Most firms don’t talk about “Inbound and Outbound Logistics” or have “Procurement” as a major support function. Distinguishing between “Operations” and “Service” in a service business is just plain confusing.

In the spirit of further developing the theory of the professional service firm, here’s my go at a professional services value chain…

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