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The Dialogue provides a forum for those invested in BigLaw firms to add their voices to the remaking conversation.

We encourage lawyers and others with a stake in the profession: clients, partners, and leaders of BigLaw firms, NewLaw participants, academics, law students, analysts, commentators, and others to join in.

There are no right or wrong views, diversity and differences are crucial to imagining the future.

Readers are invited to contribute their posts (subject to curation)  and comments.

Contact me at george.beaton@beatonglobal.com or call me +61 418 325 351.

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How lawyers benefit from legal project management

In How lawyers benefit from legal project management Hans Schuurmann examines legal project management (LPM) from a business and managerial point of view. He shows how LPM improves processes between client and lawyer – and how both sides of the exchange benefit as a result.

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Fighting for law firm dollars

Heather Suttie’s Fighting for law firm dollars discusses how the continuing pressure on the extraction of value and the intense focus on profit maximisation is resulting in tightened controls and reduction of law firm spending.

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The Clearspire Story

In The Clearspire Story, Mark Cohen describes why Clearspire holds a special place in the evolution of the legal services industry. It is remembered as a transformative legal delivery company as well as “the next big thing” that failed to achieve its potential disruptive impact.

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Subscribers of The Dialogue please help

Dr Floortje Blindenbach-Driessen, PhD, a member of The Dialogue on Remaking Law Firms community, is conducting a short survey about innovators in professional services: consulting engineering, law, healthcare, information technology, and management consulting. Her purpose is to better understand the drivers and challenges of these innovators. Please help her by completing the survey.

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Six things modern GCs really want from their law firms 

From his background in major BigLaw firms and General Counsel, now turned independent consultant to law departments and law firms, Steven Walker contributes ‘Six things modern GCs really want from their law firms‘ as the first of a series of posts on The Dialogue.

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What’s a lawyer now?

In What’s A Lawyer Now? I explore how lawyers define themselves because of the insights derived from the intellectual exercise, not only because lawyers like to define terms.

The American Bar Association (ABA) describes a lawyer as “a licensed professional who advises and represents others in legal matters”. This description raises more questions than it answers – and fails the ‘void-for-vagueness’ standard.

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BigLaw sales debate in the spotlight again

In “Is it time for law firms to deploy sales teams?”, his recent article in Bloomberg BigLaw Business, Aric Press, former Editor-in-Chief of The American Lawyer, and now a partner at PP&C Consulting, raised an important question about how the sales function is organized and resourced in BigLaw firms.

This question is a theme on The Dialogue and was a major feature in Chapter 8 of Remaking Law Firms: Why & How, so I welcome this new post from John Grimley, advocate-in-chief for BigLaw Firms to embrace professional sales forces.

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