Deloitte shows its legal services hand

Those who watch the Big Four and BigLaw and place bets on possible future scenarios will be interested in the news that Deloitte is to become the final member of the Big Four to use an ABS structure in the UK to further its (domestic and global) ambitions.

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Solicitors Regulation Authority consultation on price and other information

Through his research, Richard Moorhead, Professor of Law and Professional Ethics at University College London Faculty of Laws, provides deep and original insights into lawyers and the practice of law. The Dialogue is privileged to feature Richard as a contributor. In his first contribution, Richard examines the issues of the price transparency of lawyers’ services from a policy perspective.  

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Starting 2018 with a Big Bang and a Cold Splash: Lessons in innovation

Dr. Floortje Blindenbach-Driessen writes “I had the fortune to celebrate New Year’s Eve with my family in the Netherlands. Traditions make that the Dutch end the year with a big bang and start the new year with a cold splash.” This is a memorable story of a Dutch tradition which Floortje uses to convey a profound message about innovation. 
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Best wishes to The Dialogue community

Thank you all for an exhiliarating 2017.

Your contributions as authors, commentators and readers make The Dialogue on Remaking Law Firms
a special place for minds to meet.

We will return in the second week of January next year.


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Economic status of the BigLaw business model

Just released, Citibank’s findings on the economic status of the BigLaw business model make insightful – and to futurists like me, pleasingly confirmatory – reading. Gretta Rusanow of the Law Firm Group in Citi Private Bank and her team have produced an outstanding analysis of the economic facts of BigLaw life and the probable future. 

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How lawyers benefit from legal project management

In How lawyers benefit from legal project management Hans Schuurmann examines legal project management (LPM) from a business and managerial point of view. He shows how LPM improves processes between client and lawyer – and how both sides of the exchange benefit as a result.

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Fighting for law firm dollars

Heather Suttie’s Fighting for law firm dollars discusses how the continuing pressure on the extraction of value and the intense focus on profit maximisation is resulting in tightened controls and reduction of law firm spending.

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